Placing your order is one of the most important processes to assure you receive the goods in the manner you had expected them to be.

The first thing you need to know is are the garment(s) you want us to decorate. You will either find those on our website, within our catalogs, or work with one of our customer representatives to determine this.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The best way to present an order is to e-mail or fax a Purchase Order (PO). If you or your company do not use PO’s then the next best way is to e-mail of fax your request to us in as much detail as possible

When sending us your artwork, the way we currently receive art is from an Illustrator CS4 file with outlines, 300 dpi. If you are not able to accomplish this, our art department can easily walk you through the process.

Once you have tendered your order, your sales representative will submit it to our order entry/billing department and they will create an “Order Confirmation”. This “Confirmation” will be e-mailed to you for your approval.

It is very important that you go over your “Order Confirmation” thoroughly before replying to insure there are no mistakes or mis-communications. Once you have checked your “Confirmation” you must reply to us your approval and your order will go into production. When your order goes into production, we will process your credit card for 50% of the order; the balance due upon completion.

About This is the “basic” procedure for processing an order with our company. Each order is different and therefore clear communication
with your sales rep, the art department and even the production management is always a good thing.