What is digitizing?
Digitizing is the translation of an image into a digital file that controls color changes, density, stitch type and stitch direction for an embroidery machine.

What thread colors does Promoz use?
We have a very large selection of thread colors and should be able to accommodate most requests.

What is a “Sew-out”?
A “Sew-out” is a sample embroidery with actual colors on a swatch of fabric usually used for approval purposes.

Can a design be embroidered anywhere on a garment?
If the desired area can be hooped and still move freely when attached to the machine, it can be embroidered.

What is the maximum size for embroidery?
The largest hoop available is 14” x 16”.

What is the maximum size for hat embroidery?
Maximum size for a cap front is 6.0”w x 2.25”h. For a visor, 3.5”w x 1.0”h.