For Screenprinting
Art files saved as ai, pdf, eps, or psd
Fonts in the file converted to outlines or include all font files used
Colors in file saved as custom colors
File saved at size to be printed

  • Supporting files created outside of Illustrator – saved at 300dpi & fonts converted
  • Files not following guidelines could result in poor quality imprints and may have art charges applied.
  • A pixel-based or photographic image saved as ai, eps, or pdf is not considered a vector file.

For Digital Printing

  • Files saved as Photoshop eps, tif, gif, psd
  • Fonts in file rasterized or include all font files
  • File saved at 300 dpi or higher
  • File created at size required
  • Original low-resolution files re-saved at 300 dpi or higher are not considered high-resolution files.
  • Files not created in 300 dpi or more may result in less than satisfactory outcome and may have additional art charges.

For Embroidery, Digitizing, and Applique

  • Files saved as ai, pdf, psd, or jpg
  • Fonts in file converted to outlines or include all font files used.
  • File saved at required size or larger
  • Colors used should be clearly marked with thread or Pantone number
  • Pixel-based files (jpg or psd) saved at 200 dpi or higher